Before you came

Before you came,

We didn’t know anything about you 

Not even your sweet name 

But I know for sure  

After you, life will never be the same 

We’re trying to prepare your brother

For when you finally arrive 

Teaching him the gentle ways 

Of how to love you, while keeping you alive 

He’s a little heavy handed

Likes throwing dolls on the floor 

But I promise we’ll protect you 

Till you’re grown and give him what for 

Jet was my whole world before we found out about you 

But the strange thing is, he still is 

But that one world has become two

It’s a secret magic that every mother has 

My whole heart will still be his 

I don’t think I’ll have to halve myself 

In fact it doubles, that’s where the magic is 

It really is the strangest feeling 

To not know you yet to love you 

To feel each hiccup and turn inside me 

And to wonder who this being will grow to be 


Before you arrive and the madness ensues 

I wanted to tell you I’m so happy that you’re mine

I know nothing but everything about you 

And thank God that we’ve had this precious time

together just me and you

while the outside world carries on

I’ve felt you and I’ve loved you and I’ve prayed that you’ll be strong

You and your brother will be thick as thieves 

I don’t doubt that at all 

I’ll probably get left out of all your jokes 

While you both run havoc around me, having a ball 


And so for that reason I find I’m so grateful 

To have shared the last 9 months with you 

Keeping you safe and all to myself 

As you kicked me and as you grew 

So to our sweet baby before you arrive 

I can’t wait to meet you, see the colour of your eyes 

Are you a boy or a girl what name will you suit 

You are our perfect little prize.


Nova Wilde Emmanuel 7 | 3 | 18