Nova's wardrobe

When we found out Nova was a girl (the day she was born!) I was instantly so excited to dress her! I found dressing a baby boy really tricky. I really struggled to find designs and styles I liked at affordable prices. I knew I wouldn’t struggle with that same issue with Nova, but I knew with all the gorgeous options out there I could easily buy too much. And so I set myself the one drawer rule.

Nova has one drawer for all her clothes. Everything from her socks and tights to her dresses and jumpers. If the drawer starts getting too full I pull it all out and go through it, checking for items I’m not making good use of and for anything that she’s out grown. That way I know she’s wearing everything.

Shopping for her is still fun but I just make sure I’m never making flash decisions. I buy her good quality, well made pieces that I know will be able to cope with being worn time and time again.

This also means Nova is a major outfit repeater. But I love it. If you buy something its because you love it and so I don’t want to only dress her in it once or twice. I also try and shop within quite a similar colour palette so everything can be mixed and matched pretty easily, meaning you can actually create a larger variety of outfits than you might think.


I’ve bought her a selection of staple, basics that she tends to wear every day and then I mix them with the fun, more interesting pieces.

In terms of staple items. She has a set of 4 different coloured long sleeve vests. They do up with a little button at the neck, rather than the cross over vest design so they can be worn nicely as tops as well. A set of grey, mustard and black leggings and also a set of 4 tights and a pack of lovely ribbed socks.


This wrap round cardigan is from one of our favourite shops- Organic Zoo. I love the design and it can really change up an outfit. Over leggings like this or with bloomers and tights. Too cute.

These mustard leggings are from the set I mentioned, they’re from H&M’s organic range and they’re gorgeously soft. If she’s not in her black tights she’s probs in these.


I basically just love dressing Nova in mini versions of outfits that I’d wear. I love this white Zara blouse and have one pretty much identical! I haven't brought myself to put us in them at the same time though. Too far?


I find baby clothes are actually really easy to make work across the seasons. This sweet romper was made for Nova by her grannie. In the summer she wore it with a short sleeved vest under and now she can still get use out of it with long sleeves and tights. I also then put a jumper over the top as well for extra warmth on those frosty Autmn days.

I love co ord sets, like this wool one from Zara. It’s a cute ensemble when worn together but both pieces can be mixed and matched with other bits to make lots of different outfits. And just look at that collar. Ruffle ruffle joy.


And then the co ord bottoms can be put with anything. Grey is my best friend, its just so perfectly versatile. This top is pretty full on. What with all the mustard, the ruffles and the pattern but I love it paired with the woollen co ord pants and, yep you guessed it, her black tights. Told you Nova loves to outfit repeat.


In terms of where I actually shop for Nova the vast majority of her wardrobe is Zara. I hear mixed reviews from other people but I find Zara clothes wear really well. I always size up quite a lot so that both children get lots of wear out of them. (Jet is in Zara jumpers this winter that he was also in last winter!) Alongside Zara I also buy some bits in H&M, their online selection is much better than anything I find in store.

Some other favourite shops are Organic Zoo and Happyology, Apolina, Rylee & Cru. I also love buying second hand. I follow preloved accounts on Instagram and have a look through Ebay every once in a while. And lastly a few pieces are made lovingly by Nova’s grannie which I am always so grateful for. It feels so perfectly ethical and personal.

Also don’t forget the power of the hand-me-down. I tried to be quite conscious when Jet was little that I was buying him clothes that could be passed on regardless of whether he had a brother or sister. It feels so special seeing Nova wearing her big brother’s clothes. These little leopard print leggings saw Jet through a winter and now it’s Nova’s turn to rock them.


I’d say my main pointer for dressing your baby is don’t over buy. They grow so quickly you hardly get use out of pieces even when you put them in them a lot. It is so easy to think that buying cheap means you’re saving money but I have definitely found that spending a little bit more on a small but well thought out wardrobe has been super cost effective. Buy less, buy well and you’ll never look back. Promise.