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It takes me ages to get into a book, not because the books aren’t good enough but because its just so hard finding the time to sit down and give my full attention to that new fictional world. I find I have to put in the work to get initially stuck in, needing to get through the first few chapters before I’m well and truly hooked. I’l read a few chapters over a few weeks and I’ll keep forgetting who’s who and what’s actually going on, then I’ll start from the beginning all over again. And so on and so forth. But now and again I manage to actually get into a book and I love it, its such an escape. Then when it ends, I mourn it like a friend and struggle to find the next one to read.

So I thought I’d start doing a little post every so often with books I’ve been enjoying, if you’re needing some reading material inspiration.

Jojo Moyes

I kept doing my false start approach with One Plus One but could tell I was almost hooked enough to continue. So the other day when I knew I had two 1 hour train journies baby free (can I get an Amen 🙌🏼) I knew now was the time, Carpe Diem and all that. So I got myself a good 2 hours into the book and basically then didn’t put it down. I read it every night in bed and devoured it within the week.

Jojo Moyes is proabably best known for Me Before You (an absolute corker of a book- if you haven't read it, you have to) The story of The one plus one follows very few characters, the majority of the book takes place in a car on a long, cross-country road trip. There are a few interesting twists and turns to the plot but, I would say, it was mostly just a really interesting character analysis: a look at how we judge others and what decisions you might make when put under pressure. Also with some romance thrown in. Obvs.


Kathryn Stockett

I’m normally a read the book before you watch the film kinda girl but I saw The Help years ago before I’d had a chance. I only got round to reading it a few months ago and. I. loved. it.

It was hard not to just have the film characters in my head as I read but actually I think the film was done so well and was so perfectly cast that I didn’t mind. Although, lets be honest, Emma Stone is an absolute beauty and not at all unattractive enough. I’ll show you frizzy hair and bad skin, just swing by our house at 6 am any day of the week.

The story is such a beautiful balance of funny and heart breaking. You can’t help but feel uncomfortable knowing that this is what actually went on but there’s such a heart warming undertone it still manages to be an enjoyable read rather than just a horrible reminder of the horrors of segregation.


Beccy Hands & Alexis Stickland

I wish this book had been around 2 years ago when I had Jet. It can only be described as a hug in a book. But a nice gentle, nuturing, post birth hug, not an over-exuberant, crush your boobs, hug.

I did Hypnobirthing with Jet and one of the main things that I loved about it, which I didn't expect, was how informed and educated it left me feeling about birth, my body and all that happens anatomically during labour.

The Little Book of Self Care had a similar affect, but with the focus being on post birth recovery and healing. I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. Any question that you might have and might feel too shy to ask a friend, this book will answer it.

It covers EVERYTHING, which, of course, means it covers issues that you might not actual incur, but better to be over prepared I say!

It’s full of tips and pro active advice that you can put into action: recipe ideas, healing bath concoctions, simple and easy exercises (with illustrations, the perfect dummies guide!), breastfeeding support and oh SO very much more.

In what can be some dark and lonely times this book is like have a friend sitting on your bedside table* ready to support you in anyway you need.

*slightly strange analogy choice there. I love my friends but don’t think I’d want them sitting next to my bed through out the night. Bit creepy.

What books have you been loving recently? Please do comment with your most recent favourites, I always need more to add to my list! Especially with Christmas approaching and grandparents at the ready to entertain my babies 😉

Big love x

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