One year of Nova

So here I find myself in that place again

Celebrating a whole year of another precious child

You were born, I blinked and then you were one

My precious Nova Wilde

Born at home weighing 8 lb 4

A chubby little thing, you were easy to adore

The biggest eyes

The darkest brown

The cheekiest smile and the deepest frown

Nova Wilde, our shooting star

Your name perfectly describes you

You’re either as still as can be 

Or you’re off at double speed

Zero to 100 in everything you do

You live your life in extremes

The sweetest smile and the loudest of screams  

Being child number 2 must be tricky at times

You are bashed and thrashed and all over you your brother climbs

And I sometimes forget the date you were born

My mind goes blank when I'm filling in forms

The date slips my mind

But the moment I met you is ingrained for all time

A boy or girl we didn’t know or mind

But when we discovered you were a girl me and your dad cried and cried

This last year has flown by in a flash

And I hate that it’s gone so fast, I’m trying to catch

Each little moment with you before you’re all grown

And you start wanting to do things on your own

But what a year you’ve had my girl

The happiest of souls, exploring the world

A few favourite things off the top of my head

Being chased by your brother, mornings spent in our bed

You love to eat the soil from my plants

And kiss your reflection in the oven door, 

You love dancing and music more than life

But you love your daddy even more

There are so many cliches that I could say

Like I’m so proud of you and love you more with each passing day

But the thing with cliches is that they are actually all true

Like that my life really wasn’t complete before I met you.

Thank you for turning our three into a four

It’s funny to think that there even was a before

A before you came and Jet was on his own

How lucky you are to have each other as you grow.

My precious joy, my Nova Wilde

You’re definitely my favourite second child.