36 hours in Copenhagen

My husband, Henry, is a musician and in May was on a month long European tour. It just so happened that one of his 3 days off fell right in the middle of the trip in Copenhagen. So Jet and I booked a last minute flight (thank you BA airmiles) and we went out to see him for 36 hours.

Travelling with a baby is always an interesting experience. You never know quite how it’s going to go. Our flight was at 7am so we had to leave home at 3.30am. I packed up the car and then transferred Jet into his car seat, still in his pjs and sleeping bag and off we went. It’s an hour drive from our home in Brighton to Heathrow.

Jet did himself proud, he woke up as we parked up at Heathrow and was awake whilst we got the shuttle across to our terminal, we sat and had a little Starbucks breakfast together and he was in a great mood- I think he knew it was a little adventure!



The flight was great, only an hour twenty. We somehow found ourselves in the business section of the plane, not too sure how that happened! I didn’t complain but instead dutifully took on my fair share of free drinks. We were sat next to a business man who was very friendly but didn’t disguise his disappointment well when we plonked ourselves down on the seat next to him that he was using as a table for all his many newspapers.

Jet was awake for the first half hour of the flight, eagerly looking out of the window, grabbing Mr business man’s phone, headhones, newspaper etc etc. I had a little bucks fizz (when in Rome) and the airhostess warmed Jet’s milk up for me. He had that and then drifted off to sleep in my arms. Flipping heck, what happens to a babies head when they’re asleep?! It triples in weight. I didn't dare move, *never* wake a sleeping baby. So I sat still looking out of the window as I slowly lost the feeling in my right arm.

We landed in Copenhagen around 9.30am. The airport was hot and Jet and I were dressed for dark, cold 3am England. I struggled my way through the airport: hot and tired and trying to juggle a baby, a cot, a changing bag, a suitcase, a buggy and airport signs in a foreign language.

We somehow found our way to the right train platform and onto the train to the centre of town, with our Copenhagen oyster card in hand. I definitely have a new appreciation for tourists in London. I think next time rather than huffing and pushing past a tourist walking painfully slow with their big hefty camera and confused expression  I might actually stop and ask if they need help. Or maybe not. It’s the thought that counts.

We arrived in to the town centre and were met by a very excited Henry. We headed straight to the hotel to dump all our stuff and for me to quickly get changed. I needed to sort out my clammy clothes and sweaty upper lip.

We then set out in search of some good coffee, it was about midday and me and Jet had already been up for about 9 hours!  We were no more than 5 paces out of hotel and I quickly realized Copenhagen was my new favourite city: the homeware shops are to. die. for.

The first shop we fell into was Bolia.com. Perfection in a shop. We've been doing up our house and have genuinely been talking about hiring a van and going back. I could have had one of everything.

The plants. Those pots. That blush.

The plants. Those pots. That blush.


We then strolled around, with no real direction, just oohingand ahhingat all the beautiful houses and bike lined streets. We stopped somewhere for a coffee but the buggy wasn't allowed inside, Jet had fallen asleep anyway and so we figured it was best just to keep moving. He tends to wake as soon as the buggy stops. So we grabbed a coffee and pastry and kept strolling. We came across a huge vintage street market, literally as far as the eye could see!

Our first (of many) coffee stops.

Our first (of many) coffee stops.

So many beautiful buildings. So many 'Go stand there Henry' moments. Poor guy.

So many beautiful buildings. So many 'Go stand there Henry' moments. Poor guy.

Henry had a gig that evening so the rest of the afternoon he needed to soundcheck and do other musician-y things, Jet and I went and hung out at the venue and strolled the streets. We also found a beautiful park which took up a good hour. It was a lovely, sunny day.

I loved the street lights! They're giant pendant lights, just like the one's I've been looking for in our kitchen. I love that the streets are lined with them.

I loved the street lights! They're giant pendant lights, just like the one's I've been looking for in our kitchen. I love that the streets are lined with them.


Once they were finished we set out to find some dinner. Again, we didn't really have any real direction to our search. The trip had been very last minute and so I hadn't done my usual holiday research, but it felt like Copenhagen is a city where you can't really go wrong. We came across the West Market, an indoor market full of food and drinks stools. Lots of seating and highchairs, perfect for Jet who was getting very hungry so we stopped there. I downed a few Hendricks G&T's and we feasted on pulled duck burgers and chips from Duck it!


 Henry's gig was at 10pm so after dinner I put Jet in his pjs, gave him his milk and put him to sleep in his buggy and we strolled back to the venue. He stayed asleep until just before the band were about to play. Something woke him and he was really sad so I put him in the Ergo and we stood at the back and watched daddy play.

Awful quality photo; but here we are, in the jazzy venue toilets ready to watch Jet's daddy play.

Awful quality photo; but here we are, in the jazzy venue toilets ready to watch Jet's daddy play.

Monday was Henry's day off. We had breakfast at the hotel then set out for Coffee Collective, a friend had recommended it as Copenhagen's best coffee so we couldn't leave without paying a visit!

It didn't disappoint. There are a few Coffee Collectives in Copenhagen, we went to the one  in Torvehallerne. It's a stool inside a food market (accidently every meal we had ended up being in food markets. All of which were equally fab!)

We had a few places that I wanted to go to, recommended by my friend Teri at The Lovely Drawer. After our coffee we strolled into the town centre and went to Hay. A stunning home concept store.


I didn't put my camera down, it was just all so blinking instagrammable! I was mainly filming though for our holiday vlog so I didn't get many photos.


We then walked to Nyahvn, the beautiful harbour. When you think of Copenhagen this, for me, is the image that comes to mind. A boat filled harbour lined with colourful buildings. Beaut. 


 We then walked down the harbour to Paper island, to the street food market (another Teri recommendation). It is an indoor market filled with stalls all decked out differently giving the whole space a really eclectic feel and such a buzz. Even the toilets were cool! Each cubicle was made out of reclaimed doors and bits of wood.


 We struggled to find somewhere to heat up Jet's milk. A lot of stalls had microwaves but seemed to think there was a legal issue with us using it. Hmph. Eventually we found a crepe stall, the guy had his nutella sat in a bowl of hot water, we pointed and gesticulated and did our best English/Dutch explantation and he let us plonk the bottle in for a couple of minutes. Baby nap disaster avoided.


 The stalls were all around the edges and then in the middle were long tables and benches and a big wood burning open fire. We sat and enjoyed various Thai dishes.

Then we strolled back through town and bedded down in Joe and the Juice for a bit, to rinse their wifi and check in to mine and Jet's flight home.

Then Jet and I jumped back on the same train to the airport and flew home. It was set to work perfectly and so, of course, it didn't! The trip had all been too easy, I suppose I was due a bit of stress! Our flight was at 8pm so I got to the gate at 7pm with Jet all ready in his pjs and with his freshly heated milk. I was planning on giving him his bottle as the plane took off, hoping he'd then sleep the whole way home. When we got to our gate we discovered our flight was half an hour delayed, which became an hour, then two hours. Eventually after a two and half hour wait we were boarding the plane. By this point Jet had demolished his milk and befriended every single passenger, he also took his first steps as he toddled over to say hi to a family.

He fell asleep in my arms as we were boarding the plane, once we were seated an air hostess came over with the child's seatbelt that you have to attach to your own one.  She hooked it through my seat belt and then before I could do anything she was fumbling about trying to wrap it round Jet, seemingly totally unaware that she was about to wake up my baby that I had spent the best part of three hours trying to get to sleep. I honestly could've punched her, I'm surprised I didn't. He, of course, woke up and proceeded to cry for the rest of the flight. As we landed he fell asleep again in my arms. As we were leaving the plane we walked past the Captain who we'd passed when we boarded (when Jet had been happily asleep in my arms) 'oh wonderful, he slept the whole time' he exclaimed. I didn't have the energy to reply, just gave a half hearted nod and smile.

We picked up our car and eventually made it home. Completely exhausted but SO glad that we had taken the opportunity to have our little 36 hour adventure.

It was such a lovely trip, I didn't feel the pressure of a large holiday to-do list, desperately trying to tick off all the sights. Usually when we book a break away I research every last square foot of the city: the best eateries, coffee, shopping (you know, all the essentials) but because this trip was predominantly about seeing Henry it really took the pressure off. We had a couple of places that we wanted to see but really it was about catching up and having long coffee stops. Perfection. We were really lucky with the weather, I would definitely recommend trying to go in the warmer months, it is a very outdoorsy city, lots of street side tables with families enjoying an evening drink while the baby sleeps in the pram. (Copenhagen prams are crazy, they are all so giant! They look super comfy though)


It feels like a really healthy city, everyone seems to cycle everywhere and there are lots of gorgeous raw and vegan eateries. Basically, to put it simply, I'm in love and am planning when we can next visit. Preferably with a van so I can bring *everything* home with me.

Check out our Copenhagen vlog here! x


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