365 days of Jet

I made a little video for Jet's first birthday. Here is the written poem that goes along with it.

For 40 weeks I carried you as a part of me
I didn’t know you, but felt you when you were small as could be
You came in to the world weighing 7lb 13
A bundle of beauty, I was living my dream

Weeks 1 and 2 were a hazy affair
of nappies and kisses and sick everywhere
We stayed in our bubble not venturing out
Sleepless but happy and managing that new parent doubt
Doubt that we understood all your needs
Juggling the crying and struggling with feeds

Those weeks rolled on and we hit the 6 week mark
When they checked you and weighed you, it felt like the end of the start
Now you weren’t a newborn you were getting chubbier by the day
You were smiling and rolling and starting to play
Well not quite play but you loved to stare at all your toys
And you started to perfect your dino screeching noise

6 weeks became 16 and we took you on a plane
our very first holiday we flew off to spain
So holidays definitely aren’t what they used to be
Much less tanning and very little time to read
Lots of splashing about in the pool
And staying in the shade to keep you cool
If you ever doubt my love for you my little man
Just remember that for you I sacrificed a tan.

At 7 months you had your first Christmas day
You were sitting by then and loved to play
With all the packaging from everyone’s toys
You’d perfected your giggle, my all time favourite noise

Then just one week later another plane ride
12 hours of flying you took it all in your stride
Sleeping the whole way, I was one proud mama
Then we landed in Zimbabwe for some winter summer
Safaris and waterfalls, treks and the heat
With lots of new sights and new things to eat
You were the perfect little traveler, loving every day
Meeting new family that live too far away

Back to England and we reached the 40 week milestone
Funny to think the world had now been your home
For longer than you lived in side me
A big chubby baby from just a small pea

Twelve weeks have passed and we’ve hit the big 52
How did that happen? I haven’t a clue
I beg time to slow down but she doesn’t listen to me
She just keeps rolling forwards, as fast as can be

365 days, that’s how long we’ve had you so far
And every day has been magical, well maybe bar
A few teething shockers and those sleepless nights
But it’s funny how, with time, those slip from your mind
You’ve learnt to stand and you’re so nearly walking
But for now you do some very special crab crawling

I know it’s my job to prepare you for the world,
To encourage you to not need me too much when you’re old
But my heart hurts a little when I think of the ways
That you’re needing me less with these passing days
You were a part of me, living in my very core
You fed from my body, but not anymore

There was a time when you’d sleep in your cot beside me
And I’d lie in the dark and listen to you breathe
Because every parent has a deep routed fear
That something will happen to you if we’re not near
But now you sleep in a room of your own
And I wish I hadn’t blinked because in that time you’ve grown.

I’m doing my best, I hope it’s enough
Teaching you right from wrong, all that important stuff
But really, all I want you to know
Is that whatever you do and wherever you go
You are so very loved and so deeply known.

You are my son. What a crazy thought
I remember, like yesterday that May the 4th
and yes by the way
I know that date is Star Wars day,
We named you Jet, I love what it means
A rebel, but not of the Star Wars theme

I hope that the kind of rebel we’ll raise
Is one that will be kind and one that will be brave
A rebel that breaks societies rules
And speaks up for the quiet ones no matter how small

Jet Jozsi Francis you are a popular boy
All that meet you say you bring such joy
You have 2 parents that love you with their whole hearts
But they know that that love is only the start
You are One sweet boy already one whole year grown
One big life ahead of you, oh the places you’ll go.



And here's our first vlog (we're giving it a try!) x

Ruth Marsden