40 weeks out

Forty weeks, it feels like a lifetime
To have a little treasure growing inside
You started as a seed, a plum, all sorts of fruit
I found it hard to keep up to tell you the truth

As you continued to grow so did I
Your little body getting bigger along with my thighs
It was a funny feeling having you in your little cacoon
A rib-poking stranger taking up all the room

You made me feel nauseous and tired and fat,
You made me feel important and needed and that
Is what I treasure so deeply of that time,
That I was only yours and you only mine

Over the weeks your heart grew and grew
And I think my own heart grew a little too
I felt every wriggle and flutter and kick
And held on to each moment as it went by so quick 

I was happy and content when you didn't exist
But growing you was an honour I didn't know I'd missed
My sweet little baby oh I loved you before,
But then you entered the world and I loved you some more

Now, 40 weeks have passed with you living earth side.
You are a constant surprise, it's been quite the ride
You're learning new skills with each passing day,
Trying to crawl and stand and learning to play
You want to eat everything: my hair and the chair legs
But I encourage you to stick to bananas and eggs

Of course there are days when I feel I'm losing my mind:
You cry and you kick and my patience I can't find
The tiredness can feel like a torture of its own
And sometimes a mama can feel a little bit alone

But at the end of the day when we sit and we read
And you smell so perfect:that post bath kind of clean
I hold you close and the world stops for a second
And I promise you that tomorrow I'll try and be better  

This world is looking quite sad these days,
It's been flipped upside down in so many ways
But I promise I'll do my best in what ever way that I can,
To spread love and compassion so as you grow into a man
The world will be a little bit brighter and less upside down mad
And you too can love others and outshine all the bad

Jet Jozsi Francis our 9 month old boy
Thank you for filling this house with such joy
For such a little person, just like you are
The happiness your smile bring goes so very far

I could go on and on for the rest of time
Saying that I love you and that I'm so blessed that you are mine
But I'll stop for now I don't want to over do it
But I love you with my whole heart, that's all there is to it.

ParentingRuth Marsden