Jet turns one

For Jet's birthday we were planning on having a Pimms and cake party in our local park but of course on the morning of the party we woke up to grey skies, we had a little gazebo but we didn't think it would be a very fun party if everyone had to squish together to hide from the rain in the cold for two hours. So an hour before everyone was arriving we had a quick change of plan and set up in our living room. Enter: about 25 adults and 15 kiddies in our little living room. There was a whole lot of jam on the walls and chocolate muffin squished in to the sofas but it was the BEST afternoon.

I didn't realise quite how special I would find it to have so many people we love all in one place to celebrate our sweet boy.

I am not a baker, at all. Every recipe attempt I touch turns to mush, so I was beyond proud that I managed to pull off a 5 layered semi naked cake. I figured this year is probably the only year I can get away with Jet's party not being too boyish. From next year I'm sure there'll be Star Wars or Lego or what not theme requests. So this year I picked the kinda cake I know I'd like for my birthday (I'm sure one year old boys have similar style to 27 year old women anyway)


I got a little stressed mid morning whilst trying to work out how the heckity heck you ice a cake without the crumbs getting all up in your grill. I had to send Henry and Jet out of the house for a bit. It sure is hard to ice a cake with a baby hanging off your leg.


Shops I mostly used were Claraivy (cake topper) Etsy (One balloon and confetti balloons, Happy birthday bunting) The Graystore (Jet's one top) and Asda for the plates and table bits (hashtag classy)



Another photo of the cake, you know, because I made it ;)


 Jet's first cake experience went down a treat. He went to TOWN. At one point I looked round and found him tucked away in the corner of the room shovelling cake from the floor into his mouth, looking round to check he wasn't going to get caught!


He just kept going and going.


Checking the plate was definitely empty.


 Singing happy birthday to the completely unfussed birthday boy.


 Jet and his gorgeous friend Elbie fighting over the walker. Like a little old married couple.

 We didn't get many photos, we were too busy chatting away to so many lovely friends and drinking a hell'a lot of Pimms. Jet was showered with gifts and we ended the day completely exhausted and feeling very loved.


The morning after the day before, opening some presents. Totally more interested in the wrapping paper though, obvs.


Happiest of happy birthdays Jet Jozsi Francis x