Magic in the air? No, it's just glitter

I love hotels. Love’em. Some of mine and my little sister's fondest memories are of family hotel stays. Running down the carpeted corridors in our socks (we thought it was the best feeling, not totally sure why, it’s not like we didn't have carpet at home) and stealing all the watermelon balls from the melon section at the breakfast buffet. Still to this day when I hear Marriott I think of perfectly spherical melon pieces.

Fast forward a few years and the love is still there (for hotels, not melon. Actually scrap that, melons are still great) I don’t run down the corridors as often but you will definitely still always find me hovering at the breakfast buffet.

With the rise of home away from home holidays (airbnb and what not) I feel like it’s becoming more popular for people to enjoy a holiday with their home comforts but in someone else’s home. For me though, nothing beats a hotel. Magical fairies that come and make your bed and fold the end of your toilet roll, fresh slippers in a packet and a tiny fridge filled with tiny drinks. What’s not to love.

It was my birthday in August and as a surprise my husband booked a little mini break to London to stay at the Artist Residence. I’d wanted to stay there for ages, I’d heard such great things about it and it completely lived up to my expectations.

We then got an email from their mailing list a few weeks ago saying that the Brighton hotel had an autumn offer of a reduced room and free breakfast, we figured it would be rude not to. So we booked for a little one night staycation. It’s good fun holidaying in your own city. No faff of travelling, you don’t bother packing as much and you enjoy what your own city has to offer at a nice slow, leisurely pace.

Artist Residence sign.jpg

We arrived and checked in at about 4pm and went to our room to dump our stuff and have a lie down. When do you ever get to lie down at 4pm with a toddler around?!

AR stay
Artist Residence2.jpg
Artist Residence sign-3.jpg
The view from our room

The view from our room


We then got ourselves together and headed down to the hotel’s cocktail bar, The Cocktail Shack, to cash in on happy hour.

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The cocktail bar was my heaven. Let’s be honest, any cocktail bar is generally my kinda heaven but throw in hanging plants, fluffy stools and neon lights and I really was like a kid in a candy shop (or a twenty something girl in a cocktail bar) 

Because every bar should have a neon washing line

Because every bar should have a neon washing line

First off we opted for a Peaches Goldof: Prosecco, elderflower, peach liquor and gold. Everything that I love in a champagne flute.

Bespoke- Header-10.jpg

I’d noticed while sitting waiting for our drinks that the air looked quite sparkly.

“Henry, I think there’s gold in the air” I wondered.

The bar tender bought over our looks-too-good-to-drink gold drinks and I said,

‘is it me or is the air glittery’

At that he whipped out a little spray he had in his pocket and spritzed the air with gold glitter. The air was ACTUALLY glittery. I think I died right there.

Bespoke- Header-13.jpg

Next up we tried the Leblon James, a much stronger straight up cocktail of Leblon cachaca, plantation pineapple, Campari, ginger and Angostura. I didn't know what half the names were but I liked the sound of pineapple! They were really nice but very strong so Henry took one for the team and enjoyed both while I went back to water.

We then took a look at the menu for the hotel restaurant The Set. The starters from the restaurant were available in the cocktail bar so we tried the incredibly delicious cod croquettes.

The main menu looked experimental and amazing but a bit out of our price range for such an impromptu night away so we opted to stroll along the sea front and ended up in a BBQ meat place, much to Henry's delight! I definitely want to go for dinner at The Set one evening, maybe for a more special occasion. The price is around £40 a head for a set menu (hence the restaurant name) you can also add on a set drinks menu to complete each course for an additional £29 (if I remember correctly, don't quote me on that!)

We were back in our cosy room by about 9.30pm, looking out over the moonlit sea, ready for a typical parents night away early night. Ideal.

Next morning, after sleeping in till 8.30am and getting dressed without having to entertain a small child, we headed down for breakfast.

Artist Residence sign-4.jpg

As I mentioned before, I'm a sucker for a buffet. I'm also a sucker for a complimentary breakfast. Not wanting to waste any time I got stuck straight into the fresh apple juice and cereal selection. Just to start me off.

Then the next round was a flat white and a full stack of pancakes with berries and yogurt and some extra bacon thrown on top, for good measure. 

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We then stopped off in one of the basement meeting rooms for a quick game of ping pong before grabbing our stuff and checking out. We had to tear ourselves away. Such a beautiful little sanctuary in amongst the hustle and bustle of Brighton. The hotel is perfectly situated, looking out over the old Pier and the new i360 and a stones throw from the south lanes.

Before picking up our little boy Jet from his Auntie's we made the most of our last few baby free hours, settling in to a coffee shop to hide from the rain with our books.

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24 hours was over far too quickly and we're already planning when we next might be able to escape for another baby free, pancake, ping pong, glittery, sea view mini break!

Check out The Artist Residence site here to find out more and discover their other locations.

There is also be a little vlog up on my Youtube channel with more of our stay if you want to check that out too! x



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