DOUBLE BUGGY || review

When I was pregnant with baby number two I was in total denial about all the ways going from one baby to two would change our daily dynamic. 

I was beyond excited to have a new little one join but I didn’t want to think about what would come with it. The practicalities of having two. 

I feel like with one baby your family unit is couple with a baby, as soon as you have two you’re a family- You need a bigger car and two of everything and just generally you need to be able to function like an adult. Something I’m not great at- I’m the person that locks myself out of the house on the regs. 

One major factor for me was the buggy situation. I liked having a small, stylish single buggy. Small enough to be able to weave through crowds (I hate slow walkers) and just generally nice and easily transportable, a chuck it in the car boot kinda buggy. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

I felt like double buggies made you look like such a mum. Which is ridiculous seeing as, shock horror, I am a mum. I didn’t want to feel like a pack horse, surrounded by all my many babies and bags.

I was hoping to be able to stick with a small single buggy and add on a buggy board. 

When baby number two arrived (hi Nova, sorry I know you do have a name) Jet was 22 months and I quickly realized that it was too much to expect him to be able to cope with just a buggy board, the alternative was to have him in the buggy and wear Nova in the sling. However the few months following Nova’s birth we had a major heat wave in the UK and so baby wearing was far from appealing for me or Nova. 


Enter the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. Oh my goodness I love this buggy. It completely won me round. I’m now a double buggy enthusiast. Okay that’s a bit far but bloomin’ Nora did it save the day for me on MANY an occasion.


Firstly, it folds down incredibly small for a double so it fits easily in our boot. It is also suitable from birth but you can buy a bassinet as an addition if you’d rather. I went for the bassinet because it means the newborn is facing you. The two normal seats both face forwards. The seats are spacious and really comfy, Jet always looks so cosy when he’s in it, there’s space for him to have his feet up and fully relax (hard life being a toddler hey) where as in our single its much more of a simple stroller design so Jet looks pretty giant in it.

I’d say my favourite features are:

  • It’s a side by side double BUT is only the width of a wheelchair so it fits through almost every door. It fits on buses and all sorts. Amazing.

  • I’ve used the other double set up in the past (where one child is in front of the other) and often the weight distribution can be really tricky to get right. If you get the child in front out first the whole buggy tips backwards. Or if you hang anything on the handle the same thing can happen. Side by side feels nice and sturdy.

  • It’s black, so it looks nice and slick and simple

  • The fabric is wipeable, which aesthetically doesn’t look quite as stylish as some alternatives (e.g. Mountain Buggy Duo) but is incredible practical and also comes in handy when it rains and you forget a rain cover. (Told you I’m not the best at adulting.)

  • As mentioned earlier it packs down amazingly small and is very easy to fold. The whole thing just folds in half.

I have a video on my channel with more info and you can see how it works a bit better.

Alongside the Babyjogger City Mini Double we also have our little single stroller (Bugaboo Bee) with a buggy board attached. This has started to be more useful now that Jet is 6 months older than when Nova first arrived. He is now able to stand on the buggy board and understands he can’t just jump off while I’m walking. He also often chooses to take his scooter instead and I have Nova in the single.

It was tough working out what the best set up would be. I knew the perfect answer would be to have two buggies. But obviously that isn’t always possible (financially and needing the space to store two buggies) I bought our single buggy second hand for an absolute bargain and because both buggies fold down nice and small we’re able to store one in the house and one in the boot of the car. (Although both buggies fit in the boot!)

We were very kindly sent this buggy by Baby Jogger to review. This is a completely honest review though and off the record I have been recommending it to any friends that are expecting number two.

So for me, if you have two little ones close in age my perfect set up would be this baby jogger double, alongside a small stroller. And if you can’t justify having two then I would definitely recommend this one until you’re able to move on to a single buggy and buggy board.



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