A little make over

In true Princess Diaries fashion I have given my blog a full once over. From monobrow and bushy eyebrows to glossy, plucked and ready to go.

This blog started in the middle of the night during the early days of life with my first born Jet. I had so many thoughts jumping around in my head and couldn’t sleep until I’d emptied my mind. So I wrote up a post and popped it online without much thought. Since then I’ve been doing the same thing, keeping a very adhoc journal of different thoughts and ramblings on my life as a new mum. From god awful hair cuts to unsupportive mum dramas.

But I’ve felt like I want to put more thought and effort into this online space. To reflect all the areas of my life rather than just me as mum of two. And so I’ve given thebrightmama a bit of a revamp. I’ll now be posting much more regularly about anything and everything that I’m up to/buying/not buying/wearing/not wearing.

I don’t know where I fit. Im not a fashion blogger, I don’t know the first thing about contouring, I’m not a natural cook and my house often looks like Toys-R-Us threw up in there. But I love all those different genres and sometimes when I look at blogs of people that really know what they’re doing I can be left feeling a bit meh

And so my aim is for this little space to be a positive place about a real mum, cooking real meals, wearing real outfits with a real budget. Capeesh?

I wonder if other bloggers struggle as much with resting bitch face as I do..

I wonder if other bloggers struggle as much with resting bitch face as I do..

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