Breastfeeding outfit ideas

As a breastfeeding mum I feel like a cow a little too often for my liking: what with pumping and leaking and feeding. But one thing that helps me feel a bit more like myself is fashion. Dressing for me rather than purely for easy boob access. 

I’ve put together some outfit ideas that work as a breastfeeding mum without making you feel like the look you’re going for is a breastfeeding mum. Everything is from the regular section of regular shops. No ‘special’ breastfeeding/maternity items in sight. 


So first off is my easy-throw on-running late for nursery outfit. As I like to call it. Catchy title eh? High waist jeans and baggy, crop top.

You can’t have a breastfeeding post without an action shot!

You can’t have a breastfeeding post without an action shot!

I was a low rise jeans girl for years until I found an old pair of Levi 550’s in Beyond Retro and I’ve never looked back.

They are perfect for holding you in and helping give you a bit of extra waist definition, they work perfectly for hiding that cheeky little muffin top.

Practically this outfit is perfect for feeding, You lift up the top to feed and the high waist of the jeans helps to keep your tummy nice and covered. Ideal.


Another go to in my wardrobe at the moment is tops like this blouse. It provides the comfort and ease of a big, baggy t shirt but with a much nicer look.

One day I’ll learn to pose but for now this is what you’re getting. Soz babes.

One day I’ll learn to pose but for now this is what you’re getting. Soz babes.


I tend to wear this with a feeding vest top underneath, tucked into my jeans. Blouse goes up, vest top unclips down and you’re ready to go.

The excess material of the blouse also helps provide a bit of extra nip coverage without having to whip out a muslin/shawl vibe.

I tend to pair a top like this with skinny jeans, so that it’s not too baggy on baggy.

I easily fall into a repetition of picking out the same two or three outfits from my wardrobe every day (jeans and top variations) and so I’ve loved managing to find some dresses that feel equally as easy and practical.


A button down dress is super breast feeding friendly. I unbotton the top few buttons and if I’m feeling a tad awkward I sling a muslin over my shoulder so that I don’t feel like my boobs are out too much. But usually I don’t bother. I find sometimes the more you try and cover up, you end up actually making more of a thing of the whole situation and I tend to find Nova doesn’t love being smothered whilst feeding. Fair enough.

The ‘is that seagull about to poop on my head’ look.

The ‘is that seagull about to poop on my head’ look.

I also just throw a big jumper over the top now that it’s getting cooler, which also doubles up as a great extra cover. Pull the jumper up, unbutton the dress et voila!

Another nice alternative to the jeans and top look is a trusty pair of dungarees. These saw me all the way through my pregnancy with both babies and I’m still getting use out of them now. Value per wear win.

Nova was done by this point so she came and joined in.

Nova was done by this point so she came and joined in.

Super easy to undo one side of the dungarees and then lift up the top you’re wearing underneath. Boom. I’ve paired it with a nice loose fitting, cropped shirt to make it even easier.


In my early breastfeeding days I felt most comfortable playing it safe with a big loose fitting top and high waisted jeans but now that I’m on to baby number 2 and I really don’t give two hoots who sees my hooters I’ve started playing it a bit riskier with what I would consider a breastfeeding friendly outfit.


Case and point with this outfit. It’s relatively tricky to breastfeed in BUT not impossible. And I’m up for a bit more of a challenge these days. This dress has spaghetti straps. I take my arm fully out of one the straps and then lift up the Breton top that I’m wearing underneath. So it is actually a pretty covered up option but you’ve just got to not be put off by the faff of the arm out of dress vibe.

If you’ve got those summer dresses in your wardrobe that you still want to wear though, I’d say go for it. Just layer them up- an easy t shirt underneath or a big chunky knit over the top.


So there you have it, those are my main go to breastfeeding looks. I honestly though just tend to wear anything in my wardrobe and I often forget that I need to be able to whip a boob out. Which means I have been caught on occasion having to pull up a fitted midi dress and somehow try and maintain a shred of dignity while attempting to get Nova under my dress. Learnt that lesson quickly.

My main thought process behind any outfit is to layer up. One layer that can lift up and the other layer that can pull down. Then you’re able to get boob access without feeling like you’re stripping half your outfit off.

Hope that helps. Happy feeding! x

Get dressedRuth Marsden