Portable breast pump review

There aren’t many ways to jazz up a post about a breast pump so I’m just going to keep it simple and stick to the facts.

I have breastfed both babies and have used a pump both times. Often the time I’ve most needed a pump is when I’m away for the day or overnight and need to express. Previous pumps I’ve had have been big and bulky and need to be plugged in.

But not the Pumpables Milk Genie! This beautiful little device has been the answer to all my problems. Okay, not all of them. That would be amazing if it sorted all my life’s problems. I digress.

The Milk Genie can be plugged in to charge and then once its ready to go it is small and portable and perfect.


It’s simple and straight forward to use. There are two functions you can swap between: the massage mode, to encourage ‘let down’ and then once you’re ready to go there is the pumping mode that varies in intensity from 1 to 10.

One thing I would say is that when you switch on the machine it re starts how ever you left it, so if you are pumping at level 10 make sure you work your way back down to level 1 before switching off. Otherwise, like me, you’ll be thrown straight back in to level 10, which can cause quite the shock for your poor nips.

There are three sizes for the breast shield, which gives a made to measure feel for your boobs and makes for some very comfortable pumping.

So a few quick facts:

  • Portable

  • You can use as a single or double pump

  • Quiet motor (I’ve used this out and about and it is definitely much quieter than other pumps. I still felt pretty self aware though, sitting in the toilets of a spa on a recent day out with my sister. Convinced that people could hear the strange ‘whirring’ sound as they came out of their relaxing massage.)

  • 3 hour life once charged

There’s not much more to say. I would completely recommend this pump. I’ve sold the other one I was using and exclusively use this one now. It does everything I need, with the added bonus of being portable.

And as a cheeky added bonus, I’ve got an exclusive 15% off discount code for you. Just use BRIGHTMAMA15 at the checkout.


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