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I’ve written before about small businesses that I enjoy buying from and I love discovering new ones so I thought I’d do a little round up every once in a while of ones we’ve been enjoying.

I love buying from small businesses, knowing you’re supporting a real person who has put in and sacrificed real time and energy and expertise to build something from scratch.


So, firstly The Little Vegan Company is a new candle company started by first time mum, Hayley. The business is still small but she has definitely started as she means to go on: creating crazy lovely smelling, eco friendly candles, aesthetically pleasing and at a good price. The perfect Christmas gift.

I have the Coconut & Vanilla candle, I wish you could smell it through your screen now because holy moly its a beaut. It comes in a gorgeous rose gold lidded pot, perfect for re using once its empty. The Candles are made with soy wax and essential oils with a wooden wick.


And, to put it simply, they smell good enough to eat. Don’t though. I learnt that lesson young when I ate a bar of soap that looked like a strawberry. Definetly didn’t taste like a strawberry. I ate and swallowed the whole thing because I was in a room full of people and didn’t want to be the girl that ate soap. But who puts soap in a party bag anyway?!

I think if you follow me on any social media realms it’s no secret that I love Posh Totty Designs - a Brighton based jewellery company. They make beautiful, hand crafted pieces, from necklaces to engagement rings to cufflinks. I’ve got a few different necklaces from there and have bought a lot of gifts for friends over the few years that I’ve been living in Brighton. As they grow more popular they have branched out and now have a few new locations in London as well.


I have the double hoop gold necklace with my babies names inscribed on each hoop. I also have a delicate necklace (above) with triangle design that was a birthday present from a lovely friend a few years ago. I wear these two together almost every day.

Next up is artist Liberty Art a new business started by my lovely friend Charlotte. We have a big piece of art from her hanging in our living room and I get so many compliments and questions about it.


We were having dinner with Charlotte and her husband at their flat a few years ago and this piece was up on the wall. I mentioned how much I loved it and as we were leaving Charlotte grabbed it off the wall and gave it to us! They were moving house and she wasn’t sure there’d be space for it. It’s definitely gone to a good home, I love it so much! Its really textured and the colours work perfectly (and coincidentally) in our living room.


Charlotte is an incredible artist (the piece I have was something she boshed out one afternoon while procrastinating from revision!) she also sells watercolour greeting cards and other personal commissions. You definitely need to check out her Etsy page!

The Organic Zoo Store, Brighton

The Organic Zoo Store, Brighton

I discovered Organic Zoo when I was pregnant with Nova and I bought a few pieces as I eagerly awaited our impending arrival. The shop has so many perfectly gender neutral designs I was able to buy stuff not yet knowing what sex we were having. I just wish I’d known about them when I had Jet as I really struggled to find boys clothing that I liked.

Gorgeous moon design wrap around cardigan

Gorgeous moon design wrap around cardigan

Organic Zoo has become one of my most favourite places to get my babies clothes from. Clue’s in the name but it is all organic and so beautifully made to such a high quality. It’s so easy to be tempted to buy cheaply elsewhere but shops like Organic Zoo are so worth the investment. The clothes all wear so well and can be passed on and on between children because of the perfectly gender neutral designs. With fast fashion such a hot topic at the moment I am more aware than ever of buying well and buying less. Organic Zoo is the exact place we should be buying from. Good quality clothes, gentle on your baby’s skin and ethically sourced.

This  Milk  babygrow was waiting for Nova from when I was about 20 weeks pregnant! (With Organic Zoo salopettes)

This Milk babygrow was waiting for Nova from when I was about 20 weeks pregnant! (With Organic Zoo salopettes)

So that’s it for this round up. Please do leave a comment with any small businesses you’ve been loving recently and maybe they’ll make it onto the next round up! x

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