Brighton || A Travel Guide. Coffee.

Samuel Johnson said When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

But, if you ask me Sam, When a man is tired of London, he should move to Brighton, because its like the younger, better looking, friendlier cousin.

Not quite as catchy I guess. But true none the less.

I wanted to put together a little post all about our favourite spots in Brighton but it was slowly turning in to the longest blog post ever written. So I’ve split it up into a series. First up, coffee (and breakfast). Because first up, should always be coffee (and breakfast).

Red Roaster

For starters, the decor is to die for. White walls, gold details and hanging plants everywhere. I’ve also never been to a restaurant before with a gold sink by the entrance. Intriguing.

The menu is fab- interesting, different options. A lot of your typical plates but with a twist. And if you don’t get a selfie in their toilets did you even go there.

High chairs are available and a buggy can fit, but its a beautiful place, full of a lot of stylish looking people having stylish looking meetings so I’ve felt quite aware any time we’ve taken Jet. It’s definitely a nicer experience sans baby (but I guess that’s the case for any coffee date?!)


Flour Pot Bakery

This is our go to place. I’m here multiple times a week. There are around 5 spread across Brighton now, including the newest one on the sea front, under the i360.

A bakery, first and foremost, The Flour Pot sells fresh bread and pastries, crazy good sandwiches as well as cake and great coffee.


Oh and Friday is donut day. Yass

The atmosphere is super relaxed, there are baby smoothies and babycinnos available and highchairs, and a few of the locations have a little box of toys. Baby friendly. tick. Flour Pot is definitely one of our most common coffee stops when we’ve got the children with us.


My personal fave (if it’s not a Friday obvs, then I have a a donut) is the banana bread. Make sure you ask for it toasted with butter. And a flat white for good measure. Ideal.

Hixon Green

This was our fave for a while. Mainly because I’m a pancake fanatic and HG does an incredible pancake. It is just one giant pancake with vanilla cream and seasonal fruit. Gah so good.

The price went up a bit recently which has slightly put me off. I’d definitely go back, just maybe not quite so often now. Buggies can fit, there are highchairs available and as its quite a big restaurant the general hustle and bustle works well to drown out the sound of your no-social-awareness-loud-chatting toddler.

We’ve only ever been for breakfast but we very much need to go one afternoon because the cakes look gooood.


Hidden away in the heart of Hove, above a b-e-a-utiful homestore I Gi Gi, is the rustique and simple Chard. Up a flight of stairs and very cosy so practically it’s very un child friendly. But if you don’t have a buggy and you’re little ones aren’t drawn to china and all its smashing potential then Chard is a must.


This place will always be special for me, it became a little tradition during our pregnancies with both babies to pop in here after our different scans and appointments, as it’s just round the corner from the Brighton Hospital.

We’d demolish a sausage roll lunch while coo’ing over photos of our unborn treasure.

JPEG image-3005E6F5A74F-1.jpeg

Many a baby name was thrown about here (Babies definitely couldn’t be thrown around here though, there is no room at all for buggies and no highchairs available)

The coffee is fab and the food is extravagant and brilliant. Banana bread French toast with yogurt and compote, scrambled eggs piled on to sour dough toast. Gah, I could eat here every day. They’ve also got some great smoothies. And just over the road they’ve opened a little store selling lots of Marmalade goodies.


On Sydney street right in the heart of the North Laine is Pelicano. A tiny little cafe with great big cakes. You sit on little benches around quite cramped corners so it’s not somewhere to cosy down for a long, drawn out stop. But if you like your hot chocolates piled high with cream and a flake, this is one not to miss. It’s two storeys and also has outdoor seating, so you can always find somewhere to perch, but again, it’s not always the ideal buggy situation. The coffee and sweet treats really are painfully delicious though.

The Ivy

I’ve had breakfast here a few times and have been equally as impressed each time. Lovely service, gorgeous, elaborate decor and a delicious brunch, all at a pretty competible price. And last time they randomly threw in a free coffee, so now I love them. (I’m easily pleased and a cheap date, what can I say)

We’ve been without children which was a quieter, classier affair but we’ve also been with one year old Nova and they were welcoming and accommodating, ushering us straight over to a cosy corner with room for the buggy and a high chair.

The coffee is good and the pancakes are the perfect size and sweetness level. Sometimes with all the cream and syrup you can end up with a sugar headache (worth it though, I always push through) but The Ivy pancakes have a warm fruit puree instead of syrup and yogurt instead of cream.

JPEG image-A07E0CFD3798-1.jpeg

I don’t know what it is with Brighton but the coffee shop toilets tend to be pretty blooming’ stylish. The Ivy toilets are no exception, they’re nicer than my house. Plush velvet seats, full length mirrors and ornate, strokable wall paper.

Blend & Brew

The newest cafe on the block. Blend & Brew only opened a few weeks ago and has already built up a loyal customer base. They have a mix of vegan, veggie and regular bites, as well as, of course, great coffee. The decor again is fab: exposed brick, pink neon light, large jungle mural on one wall. Absolute insta heaven. There’s lots of room for a buggy and a friendly vibe but no highchairs.

The Plant Room

Another one of my favourites. It’s a given that any place mentioned is going to be offering good coffee and TPR definitely doesn’t disappoint there. Hidden in amongst The Lanes (famous for their many jewellery shops, allow extra time to get to TPR because you’ll keep stopping to gawp at the engagement rings)

They serve a few snack type bits (croissants, a few sandwiches, donuts). The coffee is really great and they don’t charge extra if you’d like oat milk, which gets a thumbs up from me. They have a gorgeous, plant filled interior or an outdoor seating area, perfect on warmer days, over looking a little water fountain (great child entertainment!)


Right, that’s probably enough for now. That’s one of the beauties of Brighton: you can’t help but stumble across cute little hidden (or not so hidden) coffee gems. Even while writing this I’ve thought of a few I’ve missed out (Trading Post Roasters, Small Batch, Rust and Pharmacie to name just a few, maybe I need to put together a Brighton Coffee guide part two!). The list is, quite literally, endless. So go forth and enjoy.

Next in the series will be the best Brighton hotel spots if you’re looking for a little weekend getaway.

Big love x