My staple shoes

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a relatively small wardrobe, made up of very ‘wearable’ every day staples. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE shopping and have had my eye on some silver snakeskin ankle boots for a while. Not really a staple piece, maybe more of a passing trend but they’re so prettttyy. But, generally, I try as best I can to buy well and then wear, wear and wear what I buy.

I’ve never been a huge shoe fan (As in a huge fan of shoes not a fan of huge shoes 😉) I do like them, but I'‘ve never had a Carrie Bradshaw shoe closet dream. But when I find a pair I like I’m a very loyal owner and tend to not wear much else.

And so, on that note, I thought I’d do a little post about my top three pairs of shoes. The three pairs that end up living by the front door because they’re the ones I always want to grab.

First up, my Doc Martens. Oh sweet mother of leather I love these boots. I’ve had them about 5 years now and they are still in such good condition. I’m wearing them as we speak and so I just quickly gave them a once over to double check I’m not making it up. And I can confirm, its the truth, the sole still looks like its barely been walked on and the rest of the shoe is pretty close to perfect, the odd small scuff. What has changed over time though is they’ve slowly shaped to my foot like some sort of gorgeous, supple glove gently cupping my foot. Nice visual?

I bought these on such a whim, my sister had been through a breakup and so we hit up Oxford Street for a bit of retail therapy, We were in Office and she was trying on some dark red DMs when I spotted these, from a collaboration only available in Office were these black, snake skin style Chelsea boots. I was, unfortunately, in a very happy relationship and so didn’t have a very strong argument for why I should be parting with £130 on a whim. But its the best £130 I ever threw at a cashier. I have worn these boots to death and yet, somehow, they just don’t die. And neither did my relationship, so it was a win all round.


Next up are my Converse. We all know that every wardrobe needs a pair of Converse. They’re so versatile and just go with anything.

I found I was getting through Converse quite quickly and so a few years ago I decided to try out the leather version. I went for the all white and I ruddy love them. I think I must’ve had them at least 2 years now, maybe 3 and they are still going strong, the leather not only makes them a lot more durable but they’re also a lot more multi weather appropriate and warmer than the canvas versions.

Proper bloggers would probably clean their shoes before taking photos of them though. Reason 131 why I’m not one of those proper-y proper ones.

Thirdly and lastly a new addition (although still over a year old) My Adidas NMDs. If you like the idea of walking on a cloud then NMD’s are for you. I bought them while on a weekend away with Henry in Edinburgh, we were walking miles each day and my shins were starting to hurt (I have annoyingly weak shins from when I grew too fast one summer, aged 15, literally put one of those wildlife fast forward cameras on me across the July and August and you would’ve seen me rise up like a Sunflower. An awkward, resistant sunflower)

These are such a great practical staple. The perfect throw on and go shoe. I am all about practicality but I don’t want that to be at the expense of style which is where I think NMDs are perfect.

OH SO comfortable, but you still look like a cool mom not a regular mom 😉

All three pairs of shoes go with so many different looks and are all well made, good quality shoes. I’ve definitely learnt over time that as tempting as it is to throw £10 at a pair of cheap and cheerful shoes it’s SO much better to spend that bit more and then be able to actually wear your shoes for years on end, rather than wearing for a season and then chucking by next year. In my opinion anyway. And it’s my blog so I get to bang on about my opinion. Evil laugh.

Big love x

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