What We Ate In A Day

A Three Bears style breakfast.

A big batch of porridge made with a mix of whole milk and Oat milk. Topped with greek yogurt, blueberries and honey for me.


For Jet’s I stirred in stewed plums and topped with raisins.


And for Nova she had it pure and simple.


This week has been a very slow, quiet week spent at home with two Chickenpoxed (is that a word?!) children. Mid morning, having read High Way Rat for the bajillionth time I needed a sweet pick me up. Enter a croissant with this salted caramel spread. Yep you heard me right. Heaven in a jar. A very dangerous Christmas present from my sister and brother in law.


With a coffee of course.


Henry’s started making Sourdough bread which I am here for. So good. Lunch was a slice of sourdough toast with scrambled egg and a cuppa. Simples.


For dinner I’m trying to make more meals that can work for us all as a family rather than cooking for the children and then for me and Henry separately.

A classic go to is always fish pie. This one is cod, haddock and salmon. I cut up and softened a leek in butter and made a cheese sauce. Then mixed it all together in to this dish.


Then mashed up some sweet potato and bunged it on top. In the oven for half an hour, et voila! Such a feel good, comfort meal.


Both children had a portion of this for dinner. For pudding Jet had some plain greek yogurt and raisins.


We also filmed a little video on a separate day for another example of our eating habits!

Big love x