Peppa Pig World | review

I think I should probably start this post by saying that we’re not actually huge Peppa Pig fans in our house. We don’t not like her, it’s just not our usual TV program of choice.


With that in mind I was really interested to see how the day would fare out for Jet. I didn’t know if it would all go completely over his head and he’d spend the day a little non plussed.

So first thing’s first we arrived (handy). We arrived at 11.15am, the park opens at 10.30am. The car park’s great, super near the entrance and easy to navigate. We went on a Friday, if possible I would definitely recommend trying to go on a school day, I’m sure its not horrendous if you go on a weekend but I really noticed how lovely and quiet it felt compared to a peak time. We picked up our tickets nice and easily and went straight through. Although they wanted to re measure Jet to check what rides he’d be able to go on which he was NOT keen about.

Peppa Pig World is within Paulton’s Park which is a theme park in it’s own right. I hadn’t quite clocked before going that PPW is just one small section. I’d recommend heading straight for the Peppa section when you arrive rather than getting distracted by the other rides and playgrounds that you pass on your way. Best just to get in and get on some rides before the day gets busier.

We were there with Jet 3 and Nova 1. We took our single buggy which worked well. At each ride there is a buggy park where you leave your buggy while you queue. At first I didn’t feel overly safe leaving our buggy and bag on its own but a few rides in and I was leaving all our valuables in the buggy (wild one me!) The whole atmosphere of the park just felt really safe and amazingly calm considering its a theme park full of over excited toddlers. Because the whole place is just families, there’s a sense that you’re all in it together, with passing parents suggesting a ride with a small queue or directing you to the toilet that they struggled to find too.

We didn’t queue more than 10 minutes for a ride. Again I think that’s probably down to our choice of day to visit. Probably my top tip would be to go laden with snacks. Jet found it pretty hard to wait in line, even just for 5/10 minutes. He constantly wanted to push past everyone and jump straight on, don’t we all Jet. So it was a bit of a life saver having a banana/mini cheddars/smoothie for each queue.


The queues each have different Peppa related music/narrations playing while you wait. I would say they’re lacking some entertainment though. If I was to send my feedback on a postcard I’d say there should be some little plaques along the way with game ideas, or a character for you to find hiding somewhere, or some I Spy type inspiration, or maybe some colourful stepping stones on the floor to make walking in the queue more interesting.

The rides we went on were really great, Trains, hot air balloons, spinning boats, tractors, cars. Jet had an absolute blast and wanted to go on time and time again.

If you want a break from queuing there’s also a fab playground in the centre, really well designed to suit all ages. There’s a huge indoor soft play as well, which we thought we’d end up in a lot as the forecast was for rain but we lucked out with the weather and so didn’t check out the soft play at all in the end.


A friend beforehand recommended we take our own packed lunch to save money which I’m glad I did. The food actually didn’t look too bad, just your general chips and pizza and what not. But when you’ve already paid out for your tickets to be there I would definitely recommend packing some sandwiches. Although we did splash out on some ice creams. Wild. There are a few main picnic areas and also benches dotted around through out.

Having arrived at 11.15, we stayed in the Peppa Pig section right through till about 3.30 when we then went to watch a Penguin feeding display.

We also popped in to the Little Africa section to see some very friendly Meerkats and a Porcupine (which Jet recognised from Sing!)

At about 4pm, Nova was really starting to lose her mind, she’d napped in the morning on the way but refused to sleep in the buggy all day so she’d completely lost her sense of humour and I didn’t think she’d cope standing in any more queues so we headed for the exit. On our way we came across the Lost Kingdom, Jet loves dinosaurs so I didn’t want him to miss it so we jumped on one ride (no queue at all!) a dinosaur safari ‘driving’ your own Jeep. We then came across a fab playground. Nova perked up a bit and Jet had a blast on a helter skelter, while I stood with my heart in my mouth. Having a fearless child is terrifying.

Meanwhile Henry disappeared for 10 minutes to take himself on the park’s main rollercoaster were he befriended another dad doing the same thing!

Then at 5pm we called it a day and headed to our hotel in search of dinner and danger naps all round. (We stayed at a nearby hotel in Southampton- reviewing coming soon!)

All in all we had an absolute blast. I was really impressed with the way the whole of Peppa Pig World was managed and maintained. It was incredibly clean and a pleasant place to be, it didn’t feel tacky or tired at all. The staff were all friendly and helpful and managed the queues well. We’re already planning our next trip back! And if you’re not a huge Peppa Pig fan, like us, I would still totally recommend it. Jet didn’t really know many of the characters on the rides but the rides themselves are so fun and so up his street (tractors, cars and such like) he was in absolute heaven all day.

But if you’re child IS a big Peppa Pig fan they will lose their tiny minds. You can go in Peppa’s house and watch her making pancakes, you can queue for a meet and greet with Peppa and George and a lot of the rides have a character driving the front carriage. all. the. fun.

A day that I thought would be all for Jet and a bit of a grin-and-bear-it day for me and Henry turned in to the loveliest family adventure. Ignore a few meltdowns and it was a pretty close to perfect day. But what’s a family day without meltdowns anyway?!

We were kindly gifted our tickets from Peppa Pig World in exchange for an honest review. All opinions though are very much my own! x