room2 hometels | review

room 2 hometels are such a fab concept. The idea behind the brand is to offer the quality assurance and security of a hotel with the ease and flexibility of being at home. Late check out (2pm!) to let you really live and enjoy your room. Little kitchenettes in each room so you can cook up some late night pasta or warm your babies bottle. And a hassle free check in system. You are sent an app called Flexipass before you arrive which allows you to check in and then tap in to your room all just with your phone. Things like that still blow my technologically stunted mind.

We stayed the night this last weekend at the Southampton location. Our room was beaut! It was spacious, with a gorgeous, huuuge window overlooking the park, high ceilings, a cute lil pink bathroom with double shower, kitchen area, dining table, gorgeous sofa that I wanted to take home, big ol’bed and a mezzanine with second double bed.

The kitchen had all the cooking and dinnerware you’d need and a few tea bags and milk sachets. If I'm honest I think with it being a little kitchen I expected maybe a little pint of milk in the fridge or just generally a few more snacks (or maybe that’s just me. Snacks are never far from my mind) We needed to do Nova’s bed time milk and hadn’t planned ahead very well. There’s a fab little shop downstairs by the bar, but a tiny milk was £1.50 which I wasn’t really feeling so the lady behind the bar kindly filled up our bottle for us.

We checked in at 5pm after a long day at Peppa Pig World and with all 4 of us getting hangrier by the second we headed straight down for dinner in the hotel restaurant, or the Living Room as they call it. And that’s totes what it feels like. The vibe is lush. It somehow manages to accomodate young laptop cradling iced coffee drinking cool types and also toddler wrangling hot coffee downing parents.

You have your choice of big comfy sofas, comfy window lined benches (which Jet loved stretching out on) or your more conservative table and chairs. Plus lots of hanging plants which I’m always down with. There were also board games and a TV screen open fire place. It was basically all a bit lovely.

Henry and I cashed in on Happy Hour with two Elderflower G+Ts as big as our heads and a large pizza to share.


We then went back up to our room and our night was amazingly uneventful. The kids both went down in travel cots while me and Henry hid in the bathroom (oh parent life!) But it only took a few minutes until we could venture back in to the room and watch The Office, sat in the dark on our bed drinking Long Island Iced Teas and eating carrot cake from downstairs. Now tell me there’s a better way to spend your Friday night?!

room2 is on the lower end of the hotel price scale but it doesn't forego at all on quality. The rooms are stylish and spacious, the staff were incredibly lovely and accommodating and the general vibe was cool, calm and welcoming.

I think sometimes when you stay at a hotel you favour heading out for dinner or breakfast, wanting to explore the local area but I can honestly say that we wanted to just stay and eat in the hotel because the atmosphere was so great and it all felt easy and do-able with the little ones.

We would 100% love to go back, except next time I’m tempted to leave the kids with their grandparents and cash in on the 2pm check out and pretend to be a young laptop cradling cool type.


NB. We were kindly gifted one night’s stay in exchange for a post on instagram. I just wanted to do a review as well as I think it’s a great hotel and fab concept x