The Midi Skirt Edit

I am loyally loyal through and through to my jeans. I just can’t seem to tear myself away. But if there’s one thing that occasionally leads me astray its a midi skirt.

If you’ve read any of my outfit posts before you’ll know my main criteria are ease and comfort. I don’t shop very often at all and so I need anything I buy to be super comfy, easy to wear and versatile so that I can wear it over and over.

And so, with that in mind, here’s a little run down of my three current fave summer skirts

The satin bias one

Perfect for dressing up or down this is such a versatile little Topshop number. Team it with a simple satin top and heels for a summer evening out. Or a tee and sandals for park hangs with the kids.

I'm guilty of not wearing items in my wardrobe because I’m saving them for something special. I’m not sure what that something special is and it very rarely comes around so I’m trying to wear those pieces and break out of my comfortable jeans and t shirt cycle.

It does show up grubby little hand marks from certain little toddlers but it’s been through the wash a few times now and comes out as good as new. Praise be.


The spotty one

Because I like to have a lil’ bit of pattern but get a bit scared by anything more than a spot or stripe. This New Look skirt is another fab summer one. Super light and breezy and easy to wear.

I think I often stick to jeans because they just feel like the easiest thing when running after children in the park (my children, not just any random child, that would be incredibly weird) but that’s why I’m so glad midi skirts are popular at the moment. Mini skirts died a death after I had children, I’m just not feeling them with my bruised, un toned legs and maxi skirts end up being a total tripping hazard. But midi skirts are that perfect happy medium.

This is probably the most throw-on-and-go of all the options, its an easy to wear chiffon material and I love that with it being black and white it goes with anything.

The buffet one

Clues in the name. If I’m not making sure a new purchase is practical or versatile I’m making sure I can eatallthefood in it. Quite the priority.

This H&M linen number is ideal if, like me, you’re partial to a buffet. I'm the girl that can always be found near the snack table at a party and so I need a skirt that works with me on that front, not against me. Total blogger fail though because it’s sold out online, there is the same fit in a plain pattern though.

It’s very forgiving, hides a multitude sins but with the elasticated waist it still gives you some shape while being tent-like and billowy (that’s totes a word).

So there you have my current three favourites. And below I’ve linked a little selection of other satin/buffet/spotty options x