My Fave Podcasts

I’m always the one that’s late to the party, desperately trying to get through 3 series of Luther before the 4th comes out, trying to avoid spoilers to 7 series of The American Office while right back at the beginning of the Jim, Pam, Roy saga. That kind of malarkey.

A few years later than everyone else my world has been totally opened up to podcasts recently. In a bid to try and be on my phone less and have a little less TV/laptop screen time I’ve loved having Podcasts to listen to on train journeys / whilst cooking / while building Ikea flat pack furniture. Here are a couple that I’ve been enjoying.

How I Built This (with Guy Raz)

This series is not at all the genre I’m normally drawn to. Hearing about how people started their business is not something that I thought would thrill me at all.

But my husband has been getting super into these and never one to want to miss out I started listening. Actually I think it was a few weeks ago on a long car journey we had to find a mutual podcast choice. I was half way through a true crime podcast (more on that later) and he was listening to How I Built This. It was hard to catch him up on what he’d missed in my crime series and so somehow (somehow!) he won.

In each episode Guy interviews a different entrepreneur. Rather than work my way through the episodes from the beginning I’ve been picking out companies or people that I’m interested in.

And I’ve got a little bit hooked. Every episode is incredibly inspiring and so interesting discovering how these huge brands that you hear about all the time actually started. The nitty gritty of selling their homes, moving across the country and failed pitches. I’ve fallen in love with the founder of Dermologica, got a total girl crush on Jen Rubio the founder of Away luggage and I want to go and swap all my cleaning products for Method having heard about the heart behind it all. (side note: Method was started by two twenty something guys living in their not-so-clean bachelor pads. Not at all the cleaning product keenos that I was expecting! also, extra side note: In one meeting, to prove the purity of their products they drank a Method toilet cleaner. Eeesh)

Guy interviews the guests in a really personal way, following their career journey with the thread of a well told story. I’ve loved getting in to these and finding inspiration to take away. I may not be seeking multi million pound investment for my new luggage collection but the freelance world can be a daunting place and listening to the advice from these entrepreneurs and seeing myself as my own little company has been really helpful in giving structure and clarity to what I do. Anyway, that’s probably for a different post.

Teacher’s Pet

Released last year, this true crime podcast follows the disappearance of Lynette Dawson, mum of two and wife to her high school sweetheart. She disappeared back in the early 80’s and the case has been cold for years. In the process of filming for the podcast new information came to light and the case was re opened, making it an extra juicy one to listen to. I find it slightly odd getting enjoyment from the shocking twists and turns of a true crime story. Its obviously awful that this mother disappeared and her children have never seen her since so I feel bit uncomfortable listening to it and willing for new juicy bits of information to come out but what’s amazing is the making of podcasts like this are forcing local authorities to re look into cases rather than allowing them to lie cold and unsolved. Pretty amazing that the entertainment industry can have such a tangible effect.

Up and Vanished

After the success of Serial, a young American film maker decided he wanted to make his own true crime podcast and so started searching through cold cases in his State. He happened upon one that caught his eye, Tara Grinstead, a 30 year old teacher and Pageant coach who vanished, without a trace, from her house in the middle of the night. Again, the process of recording the podcast brought up new questions and introduced new suspects resulting in the re opening of the case and present day updates of arrests (no spoilers).

This series is pretty long, I enjoyed having it as some back ground chat while working but I found Payne Lindsay’s style a little bit self involved and, I don’t want to sound like a Grandma, but I found the sound levels a bit tricky, with super quiet conversations that I couldn’t really hear I’d whack up the volume and then the next scene would suddenly be blaring through the house. Worth a listen though if you’ve got a long drive and you like the thrill of not knowing when you’ll next be deafened.

Vix Meldrew: Exciting Emails

I binge listened to a lot of episodes of this on a journey to and from London last week. Vix chats away as if you’re sat across the table from her in your local Starbucks, sharing Freelancer advice over your skinny iced caramel macchiato. Her style is so personable and her points are put across in a really clear, concise way making it such easy listening. As a blogger relatively new to the scene I took away a lot of useful tips on what I should be charging/how to deal with gift opportunities and food thought on what my Why is. All in all a useful, easy listen.

That’s what I’ve been listening to for now. Although I’ve also just started Start Up (a podcast about a guy starting a podcast business. I know, Inception) I’ll get back to you next time on whether it’s any good! I’m always on the look out for new favourites so please do comment with what you’ve been listening to.

Big love x