iPhone vs Google Pixel

I hate change. I’m a creature of habit. A better the devil you know kinda girl. You get the point. And so for that reason I’ve had an iPhone since forever and have found various parts of it annoying since forever. But as each contract ends I just march, like the robot that I am, to Apple and get a new contract with whatever is the latest iPhone, or maybe the one before the latest to save a few pennies.

Until last year when my sister and her husband both switched to the Google Pixel and were super annoying and braggy about it and wouldn’t shut up about how greeaat it was (Am I right Sarah and Jonny?! 😉)

My contract was coming to an end and so whilst tentatively contemplating making the switch I asked them all the facts about the Pixel. But in the end I panicked and stayed with Apple. I bought the iPhone 8 Plus outright and switched to a £12/month Sim only contract with EE.

I instantly regretted it. I’d seen how much better the Pixel was and I’d panicked and now I was going to have to live with that decision forever. Lols jk. I sold my iPhone, and swapped my sim into a Pixel and IVENEVERBEENHAPPIER.

So I thought I’d write up an honest comparison review of the two phones. There are a few things I miss about the iPhone so hopefully it’ll be a ~ kinda ~ even review.


The Pixel battery life is ah-mazing. Lasts easily all day and right through into the evening even when I’m on my phone quite bit. Last week I was up in London, if I’d had my iPhone I would’ve 100% had to take a charger in my bag. If I was on my phone constantly for the 1hr journey sometimes it would already be below 50% charge by the time I’d arrived in London. After a phone heavy train journey last week the Pixel was still over 90%. What a babe. I'm writing this review having been sat in an office for the past 7 hours on and off my phone all day and its still on 60%. Modern day miracle.


This was actually the real deal clincher for me. The Pixel camera is far superior to my iPhone 8 plus. The quality of the photos are just so much better and it seems to cope a lot better with variations in light, from daytime to evening/shadowy room photos. I found my iPhone photos felt quite grainy and didn’t have the clarity I wanted and I would rarely even bother attempting photos indoors if there wasn’t much natural light as the camera just couldn’t cope. I tended to take my Canon G7x camera out with me if I knew I might want to get photos whilst out and about. Now I just take my phone.

Here are two ~ awkward as heck ~ unedited photos, they were taken on my Pixel and my friends iPhone 8 plus. The Pixel (left) comes out darker which makes editing much easier, the iPhone photo has picked up the highlights on my skirt and is generally a much brassier tone of photo. To me, the Pixel is the clear winner.


This was something I got a lot of use out of with my iPhone 8 plus. If I wanted to put a little clip from my latest Youtube video on to my Instagram stories I would play the video on my phone and record my screen and then pop it straight in my stories. The Pixel doesn’t have that feature. Although I have actually seen some apps you can download to do the job for you.


Which leads me on (what a smooth transition that was) to apps. Not all apps are available on android. For example, I used the Filmm app to edit videos on my iphone but its not Android friendly.

Some are also specific Apple apps- the mail app on the iPhone is MUCH nicer and easier to use than the Google alternative. I’ve got used to it now but at first I kept missing emails because the way they are grouped (if you have multiple email addresses on one app) is a bit odd. Or maybe thats just me.

Also Notes was an Apple specific app. The Pixel didn’t come with a Notes app so I downloaded Evernote which seems to do the job.


There were some differences that felt worse on the Pixel but I think really it’s just my hatred for change and so anything slightly different made me feel panicky.

The entire notification situation is different on the Pixel. It’ll be super boring and wordy to go into it in detail here but in summary your phone buzzes and if it was my iPhone I would then open it and see a very clear notification mark on one of my apps, instantly telling me whether it was an email/text etc. The Pixel notification dots are tiny, like they’re playing some sort of cheeky guessing game. The main place for you to keep up to date on new notifications is on your lock screen or, once you un lock, you swipe down and see the ‘notification centre’ telling you your latest messages, updates, events etc. You need to delete them in the notification centre to acknowledge they’ve been seen. Felt bit clunky at first but I’m super used to it now (I’ve had my Pixel about 6 weeks)


I use my phone a lot for emails. With only a day week specifically designated to sit down at my laptop and work I find I’m often sending emails on the fly. The Pixel enables you to email documents and attachments in a way that the iPhone doesn’t. There are folders on your phone for downloads and what not that you can then really easily attach to an email which has made working on the go significantly more efficient.

For instance, I edit my invoices on an online site, I then download them on to my laptop ready to attach to an email. With my iPhone I could never send invoices if I was away from my computer unless I’d remembered to email them across to myself beforehand. But now with the Pixel they are stored in my downloads folder which is also linked to my Google account (Google’s version of the Cloud) so they are ready on my laptop and phone whenever wherever.


Storage is infinite on the Pixel. Google Photos is the online storage (again, the Google equivalent to the Cloud) so all your photos/videos/documents/whatever you want are available from you phone or laptop at any moment. Rather than getting the constant ‘your iCloud storage is almost full’ messages. Because who has time for that.

So to summarise. The camera is better, the storage is better, the battery life is better. You don’t get iMessage but I just use WhatsApp anyway, some Apps aren’t compatible (boo hiss. But I’m sure they will all be soon) and the general lay out takes some adjusting if you’ve been in the Apple for the best part of a decade.

Oh and it has its own Google Pay so thats good because my purse is always lost down one of my sofas. It also has fingerprint recognition but on the back of the phone rather than the front which is weird. It feels comfortable when you’re holding your phone but sometimes if my phone is lying on the table while I’m working I find it a bit annoying having to pick it up to do my fingerprint. But really, have you ever heard of a more first world problem.

I have the Pixel 3a (cheaper than the 3) and it was £349 for the handset (I already had my sim) from Carphone Warehouse.

Cheaper. and better.